“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”
Sun Tzu 500 B.C. The Art of War


Entrepreneurs want to sell more and better, but don’t have time to make lengthy internationalization or innovation plans. They know that to optimize results they have to plan and involve the team, to manage resources, be oriented in the right direction, and to have the best network of international contacts… but it is difficult to coordinate all this and even more to have availability.

The WeStrategy methodology, based on a set of assumptions of military intelligence applied to business, can merge planning and action, while supporting decision with strategic and tactical guidance. It orients in what should be done and with whom, for each particular company.

WeStrategy supports the creation of a strategic navigation map to accelerate the business in the right direction, with clear, integrative and effective methods. Consistently combines the various dimensions critical to organizational and strategic innovation, such as new ideas, the business model, the team, the financing and the timing. So, it ensures that the windows of opportunity are exploited in the best way.

The collaborative dynamics associated with WeStrategy develop organizational skills like agility, resilience, adaptability and self-organization of the business ecosystem, as well as critical skills for the information age and knowledge such as: learn how to create, to relearn and thinking in systemic way, making it possible to see and understand experientially together, to cooperate, reorganize and build multiple non-linear solutions.

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