“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”
Albert Einstein

WeInnovation implies the Gamification (Serious Game) of the systematic value innovation process, capable of unifying different approaches of fuzzy front end via TRIZ and Biomimetics, contextualized in sequential events and situations, in a systemic logic of self-organization.

Front End Innovation is the starting point where the opportunities are identified and concepts developed before entering the formal product development process. Here, these steps are pivoted through interactions between the participants involved with distinct and complementary competencies.

TRIZ is a Russian acronym meaning “theory of inventive problems solving”. It was developed over an extensive research base, covering hundreds of thousands of inventions in many different areas, to produce a theory that defines the standards of inventive solutions generalizable and the distinctive features of the problems these inventions have overcome.

TRIZ inventive principles matrix


Biomimetics is a methodology that aims at the study of biological structures and their functions, seeking to learn from nature’s strategies and solutions, and use this knowledge to innovation.

Life’s principles for Biomimetics innovation