Knowledge Productivity for Business

To manage the information resources, knowledge and skills so that these aspects are secure instruments at the time of decision-making, is the key to business success.

To give a company or an organization tools and means to carry out this management is necessary a cyclical process of planning, reflection and application of knowledge. The movement of the intelligent organization in this new context implies information knowledge and skills management systems , able to act quickly and flexibly, involving the whole team and optimizing the processes and the organization as a harmonious whole.

As Carl Sagan said “we are all made of the same star dust”, and the difference between living beings or between organizations is the way this “Stardust” is organized, that there are skills in enterprises and how these relate to optimize the productivity of knowledge and innovation to commercial success in the global marketplace.


KM4Business – information system

Competinov has developed an information system that allows companies to:

  1. Climb up the value chain profitably and innovatively.
  2. Increase organizational resilience, providing flexibility and resistance to crises.
  3. Develop a dynamic organizational diagnosis that focuses on critical success factors of knowledge productivity to innovation and internationalization.
  4. Systematize existing competences in the company and identify the specific needs of skills to meet new challenges.
  5. Create an ideal model of organization for companies, involving principles of self-organization, enhancers of the critical success factors for innovation and internationalization.
  6. Create an organizational model based on assumptions of Organizational Knowledge Management in industrial context, able to be simple and pragmatic.



To implement the organizational transformation, Competinov developed a collective intelligence tool – WeOrganization – able to gather and systematize the experiential knowledge most important for positive changes.