Competinov has a strong contact network in more than twenty countries, allowing us to perform an optimization plan for internationalization, as well as to find the most recommended distributors and sellers in the B2B market.

Mature companies usually need to expand their business to other market segments, to other types of business or to other international markets. This is done as a way to reduce the seasonality of the sales, the risk of relying on a few customers, the increase in added value sales, etc.

We can help you to plan and measure all the opportunities and threats and then make informed decisions. Our motto is to present the right solution to each particular situation.


International Market Intelligence



– Which countries are more attractive and prioritary?

– How to organize sales and distribution forces in each new market?

What products should I sell in these countries?
Should I sell:

– The same products for different markets?
– New products for the same markets?
– New products also to new markets?

– We define the market geographical areas of priority commercial intervention;

– We increase the share of opportunities of the company;
– We facilitate consideration of the provision of services in new countries and markets;

– We validate the feasibility of international investments;

– We increased the company’s sustainability in resources, products and customers.


International distribution channels selection



– Which are the potential distributors of my products?

– Where are the potential distributors for my company geographically located?

– Choose to sell directly to ‘final’ customers or indirect customers?

–  What business objectives should I impose for each market?

– Expanding your business, reducing your risk of relying on companies unable to incorporate the entire installed capacity;

– We facilitate the creation and management of distribution channels;

– We adapt the depth of the product line.


Our Services for Internationalization


To support the entry in new markets, as well as the innovation required to conquer them, we developed a colaborative platform – WeScan – which enables the evaluation of the market before and during the internationalization process.



In order to optimize the internationalization strategy, we developed an intelligence coopetition tool – WeStrategy – for the creation of a strategic navigation map that accelerates business in the right direction, with clear, integrative and efective methods.