TRIZ & Biomimetic

Innovation is born from the patterns of the market needs and problems to which competition is not the answer. These needs and problems should be measured, quantified and framed in international market segments.

We need to know if it is really worthwhile to develop a response to those needs, who are the potential customers, where they are and how many, if potential customers are willing to pay and how much by this innovation in value.

Innovation in value should arise systematically, in an organized sequence of work using tools and methodologies such as Biomimetics and TRIZ.

Produce what sells and not try to sell what is produced!


Our Innovation Solutions


WeInnovation, developed by Competinov, implies the Gamification (Serious Game) of value innovation systematic processes, able to unify different fuzzy front-end approaches through TRIZ and Biomimetics.


Innovation state of the art studies

Focused on creating solutions for the implementation of pro-actively designed and carried out action, intended to create a corpus of data and information easily interpretable and usable by the businessmen in the context of their business, feeding the decision making mechanisms quickly and effectively.


– What are the essential needs of my potential clients?

– What are the common needs of my current and potential segments?

– What are the trends for product development?

– What new products should be produced for the current sectors?

– How to reduce the costs of frequently changing the different products in the production line?

– We align your value innovation strategy with the best market opportunities;

– We provide technical requirements of products common to various sectors;

– We provide additional value to justify prices and higher margins;

– We help the company to win the market and new customers not by price but by technical requirements;

– Developing new innovative products satisfying the highest key requirements for more profitable current and potential segments.