Business leveraged by intelligence

Entrepreneurship and the creation of business models, planning industrial parks and business ecosystems, in relation to the development of new products, services or organizational efficiency, are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations that defy simple explanations and resolutions. The frequent entrepreneurship problems make almost 50% of startups to fail in the first two years. In part this is due to the majority of entrepreneurship that is leveraged by unemployment. It comes “by necessity” and not “by opportunity”, that is, driven by strategic and intelligent innovation

Competinov supports intensive knowledge entrepreneurial projects focused on the idea that it is much more sustainable the entrepreneurship based on the creation of innovative value-added products that solve critical and relevant issues for customers who are willing to pay for these solutions. Entrepreneurship by opportunity, based not on invention but in innovation to anchor customers, helps companies to internationalize and get a better overall performance.

Our service to support entrepreneurship is aided by WeStrategy and WeInnovationintelligent tools developed by Competinov – which are applied in entrepreneurial business projects to guide decisions and actions in an assertive and conscious way. The leaders of these projects or organizations can better understand how to generate positive changes and create sustainable competitive advantages.

These tools can be used with the following objectives:

  • Implementation of the business idea
  • Marketing and business plan development
  • Support mentoring and coaching activities
  • Preparation of market studies
  • Internationalization and innovation strategy