Benchmarking for internationalization and innovation

Companies must have elements of comparison and access to the best practices provided by the intelligence patterns of experiential knowledge from a collective or enterprise ecosystem.

Competinov developed an innovative Coopetitive Benchmarking information system for internationalization and innovation. This tool allows an organization to access a report that not only positions vis-à-vis other companies against a set of indicators, as well as experiential intelligence that uses community to obtain knowledge and useful recommendations on how to improve the various levels of innovation (product, marketing, organizational and process innovation) to attain its concrete objectives to sell more and better.

Instead of comparing what is not comparable and compare companies that cannot be compared by the indicators traditionally used, Competinov developed this extremely sophisticated and innovative information system, although simple to use, achieving excellent results for companies because it focuses on critical success factors through advanced principles of Coopetitive Innovation Intelligence and Industrial Marketing.